Using Keoride to start and end your Bline trip

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Using Keoride to start and end your Bline trip

Transport for NSW has commenced the trial of an on demand connection service to and from the Bline terminus at Mona Vale, Keoride.

Keoride is an Uber-like car pick up service which will, on request:

– From home: pick you up from your door at a time nominated by you

– Take you to Mona Vale and drop you off in the Beeby Reserve Car Park, a few steps from the Bline stop (currently).

– From Mona Vale: pick you up from the Beeby Reserve Car Park and take you home


Pay with Opal card option

You can now use your Opal card to pay. Choose the ‘Opal Pay’ option when booking your trip and tap on when you board (please note you do not have to tap off when disembarking).Drop off/pick up zone to be  relocated

Possible new drop off / pick up zone planned

The Keoride pick up and drop off spot in Mona Vale is being reviewed. Instead of the Beeby Reserve Car Park off Golf Avenue, the new pick up and drop off spot may well be in Park Street near the Barrenjoey Road intersection. A bench for customers awaing pick up may be included in the new facility.

What areas does Keoride cover?

There are two  zones:

– Zone 1 covers North Narrabeen to Mona Vale

– Zone 2 covers Palm Beach to Mona Vale

How much does each trip cost?

Each trip (eg from your home to Mona Vale or vice versa) costs $3.10 or $1.55 for concessions. Payments can be made via credit card or Opal card.

What are the operating hours?

Keoride operates 7 days per week as follows (extended from 18 November 2018):

– Monday-Wednesday 6.00am to 10.00pm (no change)

– Thursday & Friday 6.00am to 11.30pm (previously 10.00pm)

– Saturday 7.00am to 11.30pm (previously 7.00pm)

– Sunday 7.00am to 9.00pm (previously 5.00pm)

Booking Keoride

There are several methods to book a Keoride. Bookings must be made at least 30 minutes prior to pick up time.

– Call Keoride on 1800 536 743

– Book on the Keoride website

– Download the new Keoride app onto your mobile phone. Both Apple iPhones and Android-based mobiles have apps.

Your Webmaster tested both Keoride and the Bline and can report:

Keoride worked very well. Using the app to book is easy. Cars were clean recent models, both small medium size sedans, which means larger groups may need several cars. Drivers were friendly, knew the area and arrived on time (or a little early!) Because payment has already been made, there is no red tape – just hop in and hop out. We booked our return pick up once we were aboard the Bline from town, so we were able to give a fairly accurate pick up time.

Update: Keoride has now replaced its fleet with larger SUV-type vehicles which may fit more passengers.

Bline. For our trip to the city we chose the front seat on the upper deck as an experiment. My opinion is that these front seats, while comfortable, are more suited for younger people, as the double-decker bus sways up and down at the front of the bus. I used to enjoy the front upper seats as a kid, but alas that youthful resilience seems to have vanished. On the return journey we chose middle seats on the lower deak, which were comfortable, similar to a modern single decker bus. Bline buses are of course air conditioned, have excellent entry and exit access, and also have USB charging ports in the middle of each set of two seats. Bus arrivals are pre-announced by the electronic signs at each Bline stop, and Bline buses run regularly. We just missed a bus on each leg and only had to wait a few minutes for the next. We left the Bline CBD terminus at Stand B in Carrington Street (on Wynyard Park) at 5.15pm, and naturally there was a queue. But it moved ahead quickly and we found a seat with no problem (note that this was school holidays though).

All in all, the Keoride service almost makes up for the L90 service reduction from Avalon. Give it a go!

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