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Welcome to the website for the Avalon Preservation Association, also known as Avalon Preservation Trust. We are a not for profit volunteer community group incorporated under the NSW Associations Act, established over 50 years ago. We are committed to protecting your interests – to keeping guard over our natural and built environment throughout the Avalon area.

Membership of the association is open to all those residents and/or ratepayers of Avalon Beach and adjacent areas who support the aims and objectives of our Association.

In APA, we care for Avalon because we live here.


Tree losses at netball court site

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, work on the netball courts was delayed. However in late May 2020 work commenced.

The Council construction sign at the site says, “Undertake landscape works along Careel Creek, including removal of weed tree species, replacing with small native tree and ground cover, grass species and installation of protection fencing along top of embankments.”

The Council says it will plant “native trees” (their concept plan shows 5 trees at spaced intervals)  along the road edge on Barrenjoey Road opposite the fire station.

APA is concerned that the current mature shade trees along Careel Creek will be removed (as per their sign) and only be replaced by small bushes. We are making further submissions to NBC. For more info including a concept plan click here.

Buses renumbered May 2020

The following buses have been renumbered.  Click to see the timetable.

188x (was L88)       North Avalon Beach to City – Wynyard 

189x (was L89)       Avalon Beach to City – Wynyard 

190x (was L90)       Palm Beach to City – Wynyard 

New footpath at the top of Avalon Parade

Work is now complete on a short section of footpath on the southern side of Avalon Parade from the driveway at 3 Avalon Parade down to the traffic lights at Barrenjoey Road (see image).

This section of the current grass verge had some erosion, which has made it dangerous for pedestrians, so NBC staff has removed this hazard by installing a concrete path.  This work should improve safety and access on this short section, although there does seem to be a large amount of concrete involved.

Avoid COVID-19 but stay connected to your friends and relations

Avalon Preservation Association wishes all its members and all residents the best of health. To avoid COVID-19 and contribute to resisting its spread, please obey Health Dept requests re physical distancing (see diagram). It’s best to stay home as much as possible, and you can order groceries etc online. It’s more important than ever to maintain your connection with friends and relatives – via the telephone, email, social media, and software like Skype, Whatsapp, FaceTime and  Zoom.

Seniors living development application

Developers have applied to develop 2 residential blocks at 27 & 29 North Avalon Road for a seniors living development of 10 self-care units. The original DA, DA2019/1117 was rejected by Council, so the developers have appealed to the Land & Environment Court under a new DA, DA2019/1260.

Their DA calls for the removal of over 50 trees from the two blocks plus further recommended removals from the public verge.  25 of the requested removals are “prescribed” trees which can only be removed with Council permission and 27 are “non-prescribed” trees which can be removed without permission. The effect on vehicle movements along a quiet residential street will also be significant.

NBC is still accepting emailed comments to  council@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au  quoting the DA number. APA will be emailing NBC plus Pittwater Ward Councillors, the Mayor and Rob Stokes MP (at pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au) regarding this development. APA Members and others may wish to do the same. Council email addresses are available on the NBC website.

Keoride changes

Keoride has extended its services during the COVID-19 crisis. Keoride will now drop off and pick up at the following additional locations:

Newport Coles
Woolworths Mona Vale
Warriewood Square
Elanora Heights pharmacy and IGA
Woolworths Narrabeen
Mona Vale Hospital

Please note these additional hubs are a temporary offering to support the community during the COVID-19 crisis. They will be in place until further notice.

Avalon place plan

Place planning for Avalon Beach is continuing, with a Community Reference Group (CRG) conducting meetings. APA has drawn up a plan for Old Barrenjoey Rd north which was on display with the other options.  Click here for the APA plan.

NBC has finally provided limited hard copies of the draft Avalon Place Plan to CRG members in June 2020. The CRG and APA are developing comments on the draft.

To read relevant documents on Avalon visit My Place Avalon.  For the future wellbeing of our Avalon Beach, it is essential that you participate by making your thoughts known to APA.  For the complete APA web page on this important issue click here.

Council votes against Creative Arts Space North at Avalon Beach

In a hurried shock decision at its 25 February 2019 meeting, 13 of 15 Councillors voted against funding a creative arts space north in Avalon Beach.

Instead, Council accepted a staff recommendation to approve up to $4,000,000 to refit the top 2 floors of the Mona Vale Civic Centre as a creative arts space.

Council also accepted the staff recommendation to spend a measly $260,000 refitting two rooms downstairs in the Avalon Golf Club as artist’s studios.

This is NOT what the Avalon community asked for and not what was assured (by former Administrator Dick Persson and by NBC senior staff and Mayor). The Avalon Beach community (as well as those of Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Clareville, Bilgola Plateau and Newport) asked for and expects the creation of a well-resourced multi-arts space for community use, not just two small poorly-funded spaces for individual artists.

APA President Peter Mayman addressed Council for 3 minutes. You can view the address and debate here. Peter’s address starts at 39 min 25 sec, and this is followed by another address against the staff proposal and then two in favour. The actual debate and voting does not commence until the 2 hours 50 min mark. The Mayor’s message of 2 March 2019 mentions the decision as though the two venues have been treated similarly in terms of resources.

Just to reiterate:  NBC will spend $4,000,000 for the Mona Vale space, but only $260,000 for renovations to 2 rooms in the Avalon Golf Club.

Proposal to lease public land to Avalon Montessori School

Avalon Montessori School has proposed to Council that a block of public land adjacent to the school be leased to the school as a fenced playground are, ie terminating its use as a public space. The land in question, adjacent to the Yellow Brick Road, was remediated some years ago by Pittwater Council and Avalon bushcare volunteers, and is now healthy bushland.  APA wrote to NBC objecting to the lease; read our letter here.  See NBC information here and Pittwater Online News article here.  The lease determination is On Hold as at 20 February 2020 (checked May 2020).

The APA notice board lives!

After some years in the wilderness, APA once again has a notice board in Avalon Beach Village! It is located on the southern wall between You Save Chemist (Herforts) and Belle Real Estate at 56 Old Barrenjoey Road (our thanks to both).  Check the notice board regularly to catch up with APA news in the Village, as we will change the contents regularly.

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