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Welcome to the website for the Avalon Preservation Association, also known as Avalon Preservation Trust. We are a not for profit volunteer community group incorporated under the NSW Associations Act, established over 50 years ago. We are committed to protecting your interests – to keeping guard over our natural and built environment throughout the Avalon area.

Membership of the association is open to all those residents and/or ratepayers of Avalon Beach and adjacent areas who support the aims and objectives of our Association.

In APA, we care for Avalon because we live here.


NBC CEO Ray Brownlee goes walkabout in Avalon with APA

On 12 March the APA committee hosted NBC CEO Ray Brownlee on a walkaround of Avalon. We met in the Avalon Recreation Centre for a briefing, at which we raised the vexed issue of the Creative Arts Space North promised for Avalon but not delivered. Ray confirmed that the next year would see additional resources put into delivering a better solution than could be provided for the measly $260,000 NBC voted.  Then we walked west along Dunbar Park, back east along Avalon Parade then across Barrenjoey Rd and up the Yellow Brick Road to North Avalon Beach, pointing out significant sites along the way. We then drove Ray north to inspect Careel Bay and streets around Park Street to give him a feel for Avalon’s “houses among the trees”. Then back to South Avalon headland and on to Avalon Beach SLSC for lunch overlooking the beach. Ray also confirmed that the coastal walkway would not be located on the ocean side of the headland, a major win for the community and APA.

Council votes against Creative Arts Space North at Avalon

In a shock decision at its 25 February meeting, 13 of 15 Councillors voted against funding a creative arts space north at Avalon. Instead, Council accepted a staff recommendation to approve up to $4,000,000 to refit the top 2 floors of the Mona Vale Civic Centre as a creative arts space. Council also accepted the staff recommendation to spend a measly $260,000 refitting two rooms downstairs in the Avalon Golf Club as artist’s studios.

Crs Alex McTaggart and Vince De Luca moved & voted for an amendment to delay implementation while further investigations and discussions were carried out. This however was stymied when Cr Kylie Ferguson moved another amendment in favour of the original staff recommendation, which was carried 13-2. In speaking for the staff proposal, Cr Penny Phillpot (Frenchs Forest Ward) stated that the recommendation was “a gift from Heaven”, that “Avalon wants to be a bit exclusive”, and “Let’s not be selfish”. Cr Candy Bingham asked Kylie Walshe, Executive Manager Community, Arts & Culture, whether there was room for art exhibitions upstairs in the Avalon Golf Club, to which Ms Walshe answered “Yes”.  APA President Peter Mayman addressed Council for 3 minutes. You can view the address and debate here. Peter’s address starts at 39 min 25 sec, and this is followed by another address against the staff proposal and then two in favour. The actual debate and voting does not commence until the 2 hours 50 min mark. The Mayor’s message of 2 March mentions the decision as though the two venues have been treated similarly in terms of resources. Just to reiterate:  NBC will spend $4 million for the Mona Vale space, but only $260 thousand for renovations to rooms in the Avalon Golf Club.

Proposal to lease public land to Avalon Montessori School

Avalon Montessori School has proposed to Council that a block of public land adjacent to the school be leased to the school as a fenced playground are, ie terminating its use as a public space. The land in question, adjacent to the Yellow Brick Road, was remediated some years ago by Pittwater Council and Avalon bushcare volunteers, and is now healthy bushland.  APA wrote to NBC objecting to the lease; read our letter here.  See also Pittwater Online News article here.  The lease determination is yet to be made as at 31 January 2019.

Save Mona Vale Hospital

The APA Management Committee supports the Campaign by the Save Mona Vale Hospital Committee and Dr Richard West’s request for the retention of Acute Services at Mona Vale Hospital. The Committee feels that the significant downgrading of  Mona Vale Hospital is an issue that potentially affects all APA members. As Avalon residents, we are almost 25km from the new Northern Beaches Hospital. This tyranny of distance in an emergency is particularly worrying, especially when flooding frequently closes Wakehurst Parkway and new roadworks will soon be further slowing traffic on Mona Vale Road. The mission of the Save Mona Vale Hospital Committee is to retain a Level 3 hospital on the Mona Vale site that will provide our community with emergency, surgery, maternity and other acute services.There was a well-attended rally on Saturday 16 March at Mona Vale Village Green.

Avalon to Newport shared walkway

Council has developed a draft concept plan for a shared pedestrian and cycle link from Avalon to Newport.  NBC held two information session during November.  APA has written to NBC objecting to the proposed relocation of parking in Avalon Parade on South Avalon headland so that parkers will not  be able to view the beach, and in general that the proposal is over-engineered, with too much concrete and other hard surfaces. Comments closed Sunday 2 December 2018. For more information.

Draft Move Northern Beaches Transport Strategy

NBC has released a draft transport strategy to 2038.  You can visit the NBC project page here.  Submissions closed on Sunday 7 October 2018. Council adopted the MOVE strategy at its meeting on 27 November 2018.

NBC developing a Urban Tree Canopy Plan

NBC has developed a draft Urban Tree Canopy Plan to assist with greening the Northern Beaches. This initiative will include Council planting 100,000 trees over the next 20 years (5,000 trees per year) and the plan if effectively drafted and implemented will hopefully help to offset the deterioration in the green canopy in Pittwater over the past few years. You can read the plan here.  APA made a submission on the plan. Comments closed Thursday 15 November.

NBC conducting a strategy for our community centres

Council is preparing a strategy to “ensure the current and future use of its multipurpose facilities is sustainable. In particular, it will provide options and recommendations for the strategic provision of community centres across the northern beaches.”  NBC accepted comments from the community as well as current hirers, and is currently finalising the draft strategy.  For more information.

Council demolishing two pedestrian bridges

NBC has placed barriers and demolition signs on two well-used pedestrian bridges in Avalon. The first runs east from the carpark opposite the Avalon Recreation and adjacent to the Barefoot Boulevard shopping centre, to allow pedestrians to cross Careel Creek to Barrenjoey Road. The second bridge also crosses Careel Creek north of the skate park and near Council’s trial unleashed dog park, opposite the traffic lights at Central & Barrenjoey Roads.  The latter is used extensively by students from Barrenjoey High as well as those walking to the Montessori school or to North Avalon Beach.  APA wrote to Council expressing alarm at the impending demolitions and emphasising the community’s strong demand for these invaluable pedestrian access ways to be replaced if they were to be demolished for safety reasons. In November NBC  advised that it does not intend to replace the bridge in the carpark as it “encouraged people, particularly teenagers, to cross Barrenjoey Road away from the lights to get to the beach and skate park.  Council will shortly be constructing a new footpath to connect the current creek crossing with the footpath on Barrenjoey Road to improve the connectivity and to encourage pedestrians to the use pedestrian signals to safely cross to the beach area.”  On the northern bridge, “Council will be issuing a tender to replace this bridge this month and it is anticipated that the new bridge will be in operation by mid-2019. ”

Avalon place plan

Place planning for Avalon Beach has commenced, with a brief online survey and an invitation only workshop held on Saturday 30 June followed by a second workshop on Wednesday 4 July. Representatives from the APA attended both workshops.  Northern Beaches Council has created a Community Reference Group which is conducting regular meetings from October. APA has a representative on this group and we encourage all our members to think about the Avalon Beach you wish to have in the future. For the future wellbeing of our Avalon Beach, it is essential that you participate by making your thoughts known to APA.  Online comments to NBC closed Sunday 5 August 2018.

Keoride relocates drop off/pick up zone

Keoride is the government Uber-like car service from your home to Mona Vale and return. It is a very user-friendly service. The app is intuitive and easy to use after a short while. We need to patronise Keoride if we wish to retain this service.  A few months ago Keoride changed its pick up and drop off spot in Mona Vale to the Beeby Reserve Car Park off Golf Ave.  As from 18 November 2018, some evening hours of operation have also been extended.  For more information.

The APA notice board lives!

After some years in the wilderness, APA once again has a notice board in Avalon Beach Village! It is located on the southern wall between You Save Chemist (Herforts) and Belle Real Estate at 56 Old Barrenjoey Road (our thanks to both). We are displaying images of our various bushcare groups right now.  Check the notice board regularly to catch up with APA news in the Village, as we will change the contents regularly.

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