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Welcome to the website for the Avalon Preservation Association, also known as Avalon Preservation Trust. We are a not for profit volunteer community group incorporated under the NSW Associations Act, established over 50 years ago. We are committed to protecting your interests – to keeping guard over our natural and built environment throughout the Avalon area.

Membership of the association is open to all those residents and/or ratepayers of Avalon Beach and adjacent areas who support the aims and objectives of our Association.

In APA, we care for Avalon because we live here.


Our latest APA Bulletin, Number 107, is now available. Check it out here.

Avalon place plan


Council has the Avalon Place Plan on the agenda to debate at its meeting on Tuesday 26 July 2022. The draft Plan retains many of the features that APA objected to all along, including the proposed terracing of Avalon Beach southern headland [draft p.74], which is currently a pleasant grassy headland behind the bus stop. This overdesigned intrusion has almost zero support in the community, and despite objections from the Community Reference Group  and community groups, including APA, over several years, it remains in the submitted draft plan. The redesigned headland is erroneously presented in the consultation reports as a solution to safety issues with the narrow walking space between the bus stop and the roadway, whereas it is quite unrelated. The bus stop can easily be set back by a metre or so with no requirement to terrace the whole headland. 

The Council has deleted any cycle path, and in an article in the SMH of 25 July 2022 labels the APA Alternate Bike Plan as “undafe”, with no reasons or evidence given.  

For the complete APA web page on this important issue click here.

Pittwater Ward councillors meet public 

Pittwater Ward councillors will hold community meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7pm.  Each month the meetings will move to a different venue in Pittwater, giving everyone an opportunity to attend meetings close to home. April’s meeting was held on 28 April 2022 in the Annexe of Avalon Recreation Centre. 

APA 2021 AGM held

APA’s Annual General Meeting was held on 11 November 2021.  Office-bearers elected for 2022 are:

  • President Peter Mayman
  • Vice President Dianne Ramsay
  • Secretary Marita Macrae
  • Treasurer Ken Roberts.
  • Assistant Secretary & Public Officer Chelsey Baker
  • Committee: Craig Boaden, Conrad Grayson, Roger Sayers, Geoff Searl, and Joel Seaton.

Our 2021  guest speaker was Angus Gordon OAM, General Manager of Pittwater Council from 1996 -2005. We are developing exciting ideas for a 2022 guest speaker, so stay tuned!

DA 521 Barrenjoey Rd Bilgola Bends

The proposed very large housing development at 521 Barrenjoey Road, Bilgola Bends has been refused by Council.

If granted it would have disfigured the main gateway to the northern peninsula and set a bad precedent for future developments. The block, just south of Kamikaze Korner, is very steep with little verge and no footpath, ensuring additional traffic issues on that already problematic section of the road. The development is very bulky and multi-level, and does not meet Council’s criteria for developments in a sensitive E4 Environmental Living zone.  It proposes the cutting down of many native trees including several on public land. For more information click here.

New Northern Beaches LEP and DCP

The NSW Government requires all amalgamated Councils to combine their original Council’s Local Environment Plans (LEP) and Development Control Plans (DCP) into one new LEP and DCP.  NBC has produced a discussion paper.  The new LEP and DCP are two vital documents for our future. The process will not be easy and will need our close scrutiny. In particular we will need to be sure our Pittwater values are maintained. APA has studied these documents is working with other community groups to respond, perhaps with the assistance of a planning expert.

Click here to read the discussion paper.

Palm Beach Fish Shop site

NBC has required the applicant to submit a new DA rather than relying on the original 2014 DA and the subsequent Modification (Mod2021/0203). This was the recommendation of Council’s Design + Sustainability Advisory Panel in its report.  

APA opposes this DA and has made a submission to Council. Our reasons are:  the differences between the 2014 DA & the new application are too great to be treated just as a modification, a new DA is required;  the proposed building would be completely incompatible with the required “seaside character” and would grossly breach the permitted height limit; it would completely overwhelm the adjoining heritage-listed Barrenjoey House; the proposed on-site parking is below the required minimum. Click here for more information.  Watch for the new DA! 

Clean up of Careel Creek

NBC has been removing sediment and stormwater debris that has accumulated in Careel Creek. This may enhance creek ecology, improve native habitat and reduce the opportunity for noxious weeds to establish. This project complements previous work by bushcare volunteers and NBC staff. We hope the creek will function better with an improvement in tidal flows leading to a reduction in odours and better environmental outcomes. Click here for the NBC notice and here for further information on our Careel Bay Bushcare Group, or contact the NBC Coast and Catchments team on 1300 434 434.

Avoid COVID-19 but stay connected to your friends and relations

Avalon Preservation Association advises members that COVID-19 is still with us. To help resist its spread, please wash your hands regularly, wear facemarks at indoor venues and maintain physical distancing.  It’s more important than ever to maintain your connection with friends and relatives – whether face-to-face or via technology.

The APA notice board lives!

After some years in the wilderness, APA once again has a notice board in Avalon Beach Village! It is located on the southern wall between You Save Chemist (Herforts) and Belle Real Estate at 56 Old Barrenjoey Road (our thanks to both).  Check the notice board regularly to catch up with APA news in the Village, as we will change the contents regularly.

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Check out our latest APA Bulletin here.

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